RTI Helpline: Pakistanis can get authentic information from government departments. Representative of CPDI helps in filing application. rtihelpline@cpdi-pakistan.org 

Deans & Directors Conference: NBEAC organized a two-day conference on 27-28 January 2014 for improving business education in Pakistan. It was a great success.

Books: 1) The Physics of Wall Street by James Weatherall 2) A Comparative Analysis of Media and Media Laws in Pakistan by Yasmeen Aftab Ali 3) Aboard Democracy Train by Nafisa Hoodbhoy 4) Happy Things in Sorrow Times by Tehmina Durrani 5) Immigration Wars by Jeb Bush  6) Kaanch Ka Chirag by Nasira Zubairi  7) Farzand-e-Mardan by Muhammad Imran Saffi  8) Rumsfeld's Rules: Leadership Lessons in Business, Politics, War and Life by Donald Rumsfeld  9) The Way of The Knife by Mark Mazzetti  10) Khama Ba Josh by Dr. Fasihuddin 11) I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

40 Million Customers: Webs is serving over 40 million customers worldwide. Ninety nine percent employees know about key objectives of the company. Zeki Mokhtarzada is proud of progress.

PPC Advertising: Never before in history of advertising has it been possible to spend $5, write a couple of ads and get instant access to over 100 million people in less than 10 minutes. (Perry Marshall) 

14 Points of M.A. Jinnah: The purpose was to have 5 Muslim majority provinces (Sindh, Punjab, Bengal, Balochistan and Sarhad) as against 6 Hindu majority provinces (Madras, Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, C.P. and Bombay) with a weak center so that Muslims could not be dominated by Hindus.

Digital Future: Google has developed Chromebook pixel, glass, operating system and fiber optic internet service. It is further developing new applications and products.   

Jordan Flavor:  It is a beautiful country adjacent to Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Some beautiful places are Salt, Aqaba, Petra and Dead Sea. Every beautiful person visits the historic sites in the Kingdom in lifetime. Royal family, especially King Abdullah II, is loved and trusted by people. Several LA Movies have been made here. Pakistani registered tour operators can offer eco-tourism packages in collaboration with Jordanian counterparts. Contact: www.jordan.com 

Coca-Cola and Pakistan: Coca-Cola Pakistan has started Care Pakistan Project that contributes sales income for education of poor children. We can say that besides USAID, American companies are duly participating in required-development of Pakistan.

Mughal Garden Wah  It is tourist resort in Wah near Taxila. On Sundays, about 5000 people visit the airy and green garden established by Emperor Jahangir. The roofless water tanks need chlorine for swimming of children and youth. Daily 10 Minutes suggests some brands like Ya Jin and Carient to adopt the garden. 

3 New Commercial Banks: U Microfinance Bank, Waseela Microfinance Bank and Burj Bank have seen light of day. Besides job opportunities, these banks will boost industry and agriculture of Pakistan. Banking sector is growing like real estate and telecom sectors.  

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship: United States Education Foundation annually holds Humphrey Fellowship Competition. 

2 New Model Villages: Chairman CDA announced to build new model villages in Islamabad. People and business community is pleased with the announcement. 

Business with 20% Investment: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT Board is offering 80% incentives to registered IT and software houses with PSEB to set up offices in IT Park Peshawar and IT Park Abbottabad. You can access to Afghanistan and Central Asia.  

Best Universities: Virtual University and The University of Lahore are innovative universities. Daily 10 Minutes recommends these universities to parents.  

Carl Jung – Darwin of Mind: It is a new book written by Thomas T. Lawson. Students of Psychology must read this book to understand similarities and dissimilarities among  Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin and Carl Jung. Contact: ttlawson@gmail.com 

200,000 Customers: Bahria Town has crossed milestone of 200,000 customers. 

Systemnomics: The framework of “micro-macro-meso-meta-economics”  is a complete way to analyse economies, understood as complex living systems evolving within dynamically changing complex natural systems. (Andrew Sheng)

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola has launched 61 teen-focused websites. People in Asia are wondering overhttp://www.ahh.com/

Textile Industry Revival: Ministry of Textile is taking concrete measures for textile manufacturers and exporters.

168,000+ Views on SlideShare: Contents of Daily 10 Minutes have been viewed at  http://www.slideshare.net/dailyxminutes 

Internet Crime Complaint Center: Pakistanis have been inquiring about online income earnings especially watching advertisements. You can lodge complaint athttp://www.ic3.gov/ 

Taxpayers Directory of Pakistan: Government has published first taxpayers directory. Students and people are pleased with the decision. 

FATA – A New Oil State: FATA has huge reserves of oil and gas besides mineral deposits. Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is attracting foreign and local investors.  

EXIM Bank of Pakistan:  Government of Pakistan is preparing feasibility of Export Import Bank of Pakistan to facilitate business community. The bank will see light in January 2015..  

Inside The Pakistan Army: It is a book by a British writer, Carey Schofield. It is a woman’s experience on the front line of the War on Terror. It is a must reading for all Pakistanis.   

Become An Author: Authorsmania and InboundWriter offer guidelines to write well for international students. Visit http://www.authorsmania.net/ 

Weekly Election Times: Safeer Hussain Shah is editor-in-chief of weekly Election Times, four-page English newspaper with ABC certified.  

Pring: It is a social media platform offered by PanAsian Group. Pring is planning to expand its network in major cities of Pakistan. 

Association for Investors’ Awareness: It is a non profit organization aiming for sustainable economic development. It should concentrate on direct investment instead of portfolio investment.

Humic Acid: Application of 2 to 3 kilograms humic acid enhances the crop yields by 15 to 20% and saves half of the fertilizer required.  

$7.7 Billion Income: Pinterst has earned income in one year. It is gaining publicity worldwide. Pakistanis are also using it since 2011. 

I Will Wake Up: It is a weekly TV program on Waqt TV Channel discussing civic issues in Karachi. It is produced by Qasim Raza. Daily 10 Minutes declares it No.1 TV Program of Pakistan.  

1338 Helpline: People can register complaints through landline or cell phone to Cantonment Board Peshawar throughout the day. People are pleased with performance of PCB.   

Rs.705 Million Profit: The Bank of Khyber earned Rs.705 million profit before tax in last six months. It has over 80 branches with assets of Rs.70 billion. It will open 12 new branches this year.

Best Actress: Dilpazeer Hina, a young woman is performing on TV channels. She knows all requirements of a persona and performs perfectly as a granny and dancer. 

Pension Accounts: State Bank of Pakistan has chalked out new banking procedure for pensioners.  SBP should run awareness campaign to educate pensioners. 

FBR and Taxpayers: Federal Board of Revenue is taxpayer-friendly organization. It is soliciting suggestions from taxpayers to expand tax base. Send your suggestions to secretary.irg@fbr.gov.pk  

Solar Energy in Wazirabad: Future of Wazirabad and Sialkot is bright. Business community should start solar energy projects. (Ch. Ijaz Ahmad Samma) 

Rs.47 Billion Tax Evasion:  Five telecom companies are involved in tax evasion. NAB has taken into custody record of these telecom companies from FBR.

4 Big Industries of China: Tourism, cars, real estate and beauty are four major industries of China. Pakistani business community must take notice of the trends. (Normandy Madden)

$5 Billion Investment: Listed companies of Overseas Investors Chambers of Commerce and Industry have planned to invest in Pakistan in next 3 to 5 years. Daily 10 Minutes requests Governor KPK to establish Peshawar Stock Exchange.

46 Peacocks Died:  In Tharparkar, peacocks died of mysterious disease . Government has appointed team to diagnose the disease. There is need of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in Pakistan.

Best Subjects for Ad Professionals: History, economics and philosophy create more depth in knowledge than communications and advertising. (Trevor Guthrie – Ignition Factory)

It’s Your Space: Avis has replaced 50-year old tagline “We try harder” with “Its your space”. Pakistani advertising professionals must remember this news item.