Yasser Sakhi Butt: He is former President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). He is 41 years of age and a graduate in business finance from London. He is also executive director of SAS Group of Companies dealing in construction, hospitality, pharmaceuticals and renewable energy. He says that Pakistan has potential for progress but we have to solve energy crisis as first step. Business delegates from Brazil, Mexico and Turkey are interested to invest in Pakistan. He says that government and ICCI enjoy cordial relations. Sareiki and Hazara provinces must be established only on administrative basis instead of language. Exports of Pakistan in 1964 were greater than combined exports of South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia but today situation is reverse. He emphasized on exports growth and availing cheap electricity from China. ICCI prepares regular reports on investment, industries and commerce. His doors are always open for business groups. He promised to ensure government-advertising tariff for e-dailies and e-weeklies of Pakistan and involvement of journalists in discussions and seminars. He has served business community as Vice President of ICCI in 1994. His business role model is Mian Mansa of Muslim Commercial Bank. Yasser Sakhi Butt is a Kashmiri and married person. He is enjoying sheer trust of over 2500 businesspersons of capital and hopes to win next elections in October 2012. Sheik Sajed Imtiaz proposed 1st Honorary Consuls in Pakistan Conference to be held before fiscal budget 2012-13. Daily 10 Minutes assured President of ICCI its highest consideration and cooperation. 

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Suddle: He is a brave police officer and has served as Inspector General Police, D.G. National Police Bureau and D.G. Intelligence Bureau. Handsome criminologist introduced reforms in police on Japanese style. Meritorious Dr. understands laws and difference between mens rea and crime. Allegations were made against him in murder case of Mustafa Bhutto when he was I.G. Karachi. Chief Editor Sheik Sajed Imtiaz found him a discerning person when he gave advertising presentation in 2006. He has trained tens of hundreds police officers in the country. Besides threats, several attempts were made to kill him. Currently he is Federal Tax Ombudsman in Islamabad. On direction of Supreme Court, he investigated Malik Riaz and Dr. Arsalan Chaudhry. Hopefully Dr. Shoaib Suddle would help establishing much needed National Police University in the country. 

Samina Raja: She was an Urdu poetess from Rahim Yar Khan and has score of books in her credit. Before joining Orient McCann-Erickson in 2006, she was consultant in National Book Foundation in Islamabad. Her poetry is romantic and lively. She was a self-made woman of principles and staunch advocate of woman empowerment. She appeared in couple of television poetic programs and travelled India and other countries. Her heart wept over Indo-Pak friendship. Few people know that Samina Raja was a proven palmist and horoscope reader. Her fan following grew day by day. She was charming, tall and married. She lived in Islamabad with her family till October 2012. Daily 10 Minutes recommends her for President’s Pride of Performance award. 

Sheikh Salahuddin Nasir:  He is a Pakistani and living a retired life in Brooklyn, New York. He is an Urdu poet and has published score of books. Dr. Inamul Haque Javed has written a book, " Salauddin Nasir - A Versatile Poet and Ambassador of Naat".  He is above 70 and a serious nature person. Sheik Allama Muhammad Iqbal of Lahore and Sheik Saadi of Shiraz have influenced on his poetry. Nasir does not boast but weeps over poor condition of Pakistanis. He has visited Iran, Turkey, Oman and Saudi Arabia. One of his favorite couplets is: “Who listens pangs of the heart, O Nasir! Life spent echoing in heart’s dome”. Honest political leadership can change condition of Pakistan, he said to the chief editor. He has 3 sons and 1 daughter. Government of Pakistan must confer on Sitara-e-Imtiaz to Salauddin Nasir.

Obaidullah Toheedi: He hails from Wazirabad and 57 years of age. He is a prolific Punjabi poet and his books such like “Suraj Wich Hanair” and “Chenab Day Kanday” are under publication. He is student of Moulan Attiqur Rehman and likes works of Bhullay Shah and Syed Waris Shah. One of his poems is “Kkhusran Di Larai” that has got appreciation from literacy circles of Gujrat and Jehlum. He finds Syed Zameer Jafri and Anwar Masud as best humorous poets of Pakistan. He is translating Koran in Punjabi poetic form for readers. He has translated 6 chapters in 75 days. He thinks that in one year he would be able to complete the translation. One of his close friends is Abdul Khaliq Butt, Bureau Chief of Daily 10 Minutes for Wazirabad. Oxford University Press and Ferozsons Publications are requested to finance the Koran in Punjabi Poetry work. 

Alamgir Khan: Alamgir Khan is a graduate of F.G. College H-8, Islamabad. In 2008, he ran for MNA seat from NA-48. He is a soft spoken person and has energy and compassion for the development of country. Though he is a proven political leader since 25 years yet he has to make mark like Waseem Shahzad and Imran Khan. He said that he would lift ban from student unions as these are primary schools to reach to parliament. He said that he would fairly investigate the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Christians of twin cities must carefully listen and note first speech of Alamgir Khan on 11 February 2012.

Inam Akbar: He is chief executive of Midas, an advertising and PR agency. He is eldest son of Ghulam Akbar, chief editor Al-Akhbar. He focuses on client needs and takes care of every email or voice mail. He carefully studies biometric consumer studies published in foreign journals. Employees like his charismatic personality. He has produced several campaigns especially for Government of Punjab. He feels sorry that Pakistani advertising agencies could not develop any display-medium like RoadNinja and StumbleUpon. Inam Akbar believes in teamwork for strategic planning and has appointed core team to come up with innovative solutions for clients like Telenor and Coca Cola. Tall and handsome married ad executive likes criticism that offers opportunities and innovation. One of his best friends is Syed Sabir Jamil.

Bilawal Zardari: He is 23 years of age and graduate from the Oxford University. He is as eloquent as Sir Winston Churchill and as reasonable as Luay Y.A. Istanbouli. He has to improve his Online Image as early as nano-second. In next elections, Chairperson PPP has to compete with another Oxford graduate, Imran Khan. Bilawal is sole son of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and searching PPP patriots from countrywide. 

Doug Levy: He is CEO of imc2, the purpose-inspired strategic and creative agency based in Dallas. Doug is a summa-cum-laude Wharton School graduate, successful entrepreneur and leader in the Conscious Capitalism movement.

Dr. Farhat Bokhari   He is cosmetic plastic surgeon and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In school, besides scholarships and prizes he won awards of best student, best athlete and best acting. He has travelled in 30 plus countries and considers Bill Gates as role model for everyone especially Pakistanis. He supports international peace, education and healthcare. He loves her laptop and likes Chitra Singh and Shawshank Redemption as best singer and best movie. Dr. Farhat finds electronic media as future of today and tomorrow. He firmly believes that with proper education Pakistan will rise rapidly and Pakistanis will be respected all over the world. His pet cat, Pascal remains beside him while reading latest copies of Reader’s Digest.

Dr. Safdar Rehman  He is a career civil servant and serving as general manager human resources in PEMRA. He has served in National Training Bureau as well. He did his Ph.D. from National University of Modern Languages in HR Development. Unlike other civil servants, he believes in Keynesian economics i.e. continuous intervention of government to expand the political economy. His trimmed beard makes him a disarming officer. He is considered as a systematic officer to solve institutional problems.

Dr. Sh. Muhammad Suleiman: He is a Ph.D. in environment sciences from America. He is a down to earth refined Pathan. He joined CDA and got promotions on merit. Currently he is director general environment in CDA. He takes interest in beautification of Islamabad and likes suggestions and proposals from corporate sector and people. 

Faisal Ashraf:  He hails from Sargodha and lived in Harley Street, Rawalpindi. After his MBA major in marketing, he settled down in Canada with family. He served in FM-100, Channel-7, Adgroup and Midas in Islamabad. He is a systematic and hardworking person and takes interest in development affairs of Pakistan. He finds Daily 10 Minutes a social web market to change lot of Pakistanis. His professional physician wife and he have plans to do something special for Pakistani media and showbiz industry. 

Farrukh Mumtaz Abbasi: He is a young executive having passion for innovation and marketing. He has served in Adgroup and Orient McCann Erickson. Besides looking after some family business projects he is serving in Daily Express Islamabad. He sees bright future of online media in Pakistan. He still has passion to develop showbiz industry in Islamabad. He jogs for 8 miles daily besides physical exercises.

Fatima Kisat  She hails from Karachi and executive director of MCOM advertising. Soft spoken Fatima is good in creativity and media buying. She has observed North American and Indian advertising scene to revamp Pakistani advertising. She is planning to affiliate her agency with foreign agency like 72&Sunny and Droga5. As a corporate entity, Fatima wants MCOM to engage in behavior change campaign on tree plantation and polio eradication. She sees bright future of online media and advises creative team to engage customers to brands through social web media. Hiring professional people is the key to remain competitive. She also takes care of her school going children and husband Sohail Kisat. Her role models are Musharraf Hai and Fatima Jinnah.

Fawad Naeem: He is a graduate from London and advertiser by nature. He has been giving solutions to several organizations including Ministry of Textile and Pakistan Railways. Fawad is an adventurous business executive and one day a politician from Bahawalpur like Daniyal Aziz. He enjoys friendship with Chief Editor for last 10 years. Every month he goes for hunting rabbits. He serves as director of Thoughts Advertising Data Source Company in Islamabad. 

Fazal Abbas: He hails from Gujranwala and did masters in Urdu literature from University of The Punjab. He has served in advertising agencies like Maxim, Thoughts, Adgroup, MCOM and Adetude. He is a good Urdu poet. He has handled public and private sector accounts like ENERCON and FBR. He finds electronic media especially social media as future media. He finds very bright future for celeb-media and brand-media. Telecom companies e.g. Telenor in Pakistan could not develop brand-media. His heart bleeds for dismal macroeconomic situation of country. Well dressed and well mannered Fazal Abbas is liked by his peer group. For concrete civil military relations, ISPR should develop social media like StumbleUpon. He lives in Islamabad. 

Ghazni Khan:  He is a career civil servant and has served organizations like Election Commission of Pakistan and National Reconstruction Bureau as public relations director. Currently he is serving as Director General Press Information Department in Islamabad. He keeps good relations with media community and gives best-of-best suggestions to media and policy makers. He said that future is digital media and government is monitoring and developing online media to carve better image of country. He emphasized on Pakistani social web networks on format of StumbleUpon and Weibo. 

Hafiz Bilal: Hafiz Bilal Ahmad is son of former President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam. He is managing family business in Islamabad. He has soft corner for small business community of Pakistan. He is a graduate from H-8 College and going to run for elections of ICCI. He wants youth to use potential for progress of their cities and ultimately country. He is a shy and reserve straight man and friend of Sheik Sajed Imtiaz, Editor-In-Chief Daily 10 Minutes since 1989. 

Hakim Muhammad Akram Khan: He is a qualified Hakim and running his clinic in G-7/2 Awami Market. He has practised his art in several clinics including Asgar Dawakhana in Rawalpindi. He regards Hakim Saeed Ahmad and Hakim Sabir Multani as leading physicians of Pakistan. He is modest and has served over 7000 patients in country. Keeping in view his 21 years knowledge and clientele, Daily 10 Minutes recommends his clinic. He advises people to chew food properly and clean teeth twice a day for better health.  

Hameed Qaisar: He is managing editor of monthly literary magazine, Tadeeb. He has also served in National Language Authority. Currently Hameed Qaisar is bureau chief of Media US Today, an e-weekly. His short stories are famous in literary circles. He works hard to meet both ends. He is also member of literary wing of Islamabad Press Club. He sees bright future of e-dailies in Pakistan. He wants youth to contribute in e-dailies. He enjoys 4 years friendship with Sajid Imtiaz. He lives in Islamabad.

Hussain A. Piracha: He is a business graduate and works for PTV in Islamabad. He has also served in Adgroup, Interflow Communication and ATV. Soft spoken and well mannered Piracha always tried to offer cost effective marketing and advertising solutions to clients, Faisal Ashraf commented. He finds Tahir A. Khan and David M. Ogilvy as advertising gurus in Pakistan and world respectively. PTV Network (News, Home, Sports, etc.) needs crisp programs like Arabic Music and Techful Pakistan to keep attention of youth and women. He finds electronic media especially e-dailies a bright future. Mr. Piracha is a great asset for any organization. 

Ikram Arif:  He hails from Khanewal and a retired civil bureaucrat. He has served Ministry of Health, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources. His last assignment was Chairman National Tariff Commission. He is well mannered and literary man. His professional training in Japan and United States helped him to give cost effective solutions to different development projects. One of his best friends is Dr. Muzzafar Qureshi, Dean Business Administration at Quaid-e-Azam University. He enjoys good reputation in bureaucracy and society. He is planning to write articles for newspapers and give lectures in universities and institutes in Islamabad.

Jon Elia: He was a philosopher, etymologist, writer and poet from Federal B Area in Karachi. He was brother of Raees Amarhovi. His poems are symbolic and philosophical. For many, he was great poet of Urdu at par with Iqbal and Ghalib. He spent a dramatic life in turbulent Karachi that is reflected in his poetry. He kept himself away from political corridors and concentrated on his creative thirst. It requires special intellect to translate his work into English and Chinese languages.

Julius Salek: He is a fine gentleman living in Sector G-6, Islamabad. He has served as Federal Minister for Population. He is famous for peace causes in Pakistan. He is Nobel Peace Prize nominee from Pakistan. He never used his office to accumulate money. Christians and media community regard him a role model politician and social activist.

Kanwar Dilshad Ahmad: He was a career civil servant and retired as Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan. He has written a book on journalism. Besides political parties and politicians, he always kept cordial relations with print and electronic media. His suggestions are fair and according to books of law. Kanwar Sahib reformed election procedures in Pakistan. He is equally famous abroad as in the country. He sees digital media like Twitter to be best option for local government system and politicians of 21st century.

Kashif Chaudhry: He is an advertising executive serving in Adgroup and has served in Midas. As a focal person, he has been handling National AIDS Control Program and Ministry of Health. He is an MBA and disciplined executive knowing difference between officer and director. Charming Chaudhry has been offering day branding solutions to national program managers. He understands 365/360/marketing and emphasizes on social media utilization. One of his best friends is Faisal Ashraf living in Canada. He is equally liked by his juniors and peer group for caring attitude. He loves cars and songs of Muhammad Rafi. Bleak future of media and advertising in Pakistan without revival of film industry, he sees.

Khalid Ghafoor: He hails from Bhota, Gujrat and is a graduate from Allama Iqbal Open University. He has lived in Peshawar, Lahore, Gujrat and Rawalpindi. Khalid has special love for saints especially Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani and Syed Ali Hajveri. He teaches English, Arabic, Iqbal Studies and Social Studies free of cost to deserving students. He finds “No Honking Horn” and “Whiteribbon” as best cultural campaigns in country. He is a handsome, honest and healthy man. 

Khalid Mehmud: He is an MBA hailing from Sheikupura and runs consumer goods distribution business – Eden Marketing - in Islamabad. He has served as Finance Manager for PanAsian Group. He is a hard working person having soft heart for the country. Khalid has visited Bangladesh, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. Besides Allama Iqbal’s poetic work, he loves English, Indian and Urdu music. He is a charming, critic of cricket and has two sons and daughters. He is staunch advocate of Polio Eradication and Love Police campaigns. Khalid appreciates the short op-ed “Hamlet and Bakistan” of Daily 10 Minutes. He is loved by his employees and family members. He has plans to become active member of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Khawaja Abdur Rehman:  He was secretary general of Pakistan Muslim League (Punjab) before partition of India. He was an apple of his parents’ eyes and friend of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Kashmiri Khawaja was well educated, well travelled and a nabob in Ambala. He had eleven houses in Ambala on names of his ten children. In 1947, he settled down in Deryaabad in Rawalpindi in a medium size house. Besides writing treatises on dynamics of Islam, he did pieces of poetry as well. He was an avid critic of Sigmund Freud. One of his grandsons in Lahore is trying to publish diaries of Khawaja Saheb.

Khawaja Abdus Salam: He was a simple and honest man from Deryaabad, Rawalpindi. He was strict disciplinarian and took special interest in modern education of his family members. He worked for Brooke Bond and never took any penny as bribe. At the age 60, Kashmiri Abdus Salam was active and performed religious rituals regularly. Though a white collar man yet he did not perform Hajj in his life time. He was a mystic and truly a great saint like Sheik Abdul Qadir Gillani. He lives in living memories of his lovers in Rawalpindi.

Khurram Aziz: He is 33 years of age and hails from Rawalpindi. He is an American as he has served in score of private companies in twin cities. He is an assertive marketer rarely found in Pakistan. He lived in Abu Dhabi for 17 years in childhood. Before joining Jubilee Life Insurance in Islamabad, he served in World Call. He finds life assurance policies selling an enjoyable work. He enjoys Indian and American movies. He finds multitasking and multi jobs necessary to remain competitive and beat inflation in Pakistan.

Mian Imtiazur Rasheed: He is an advertising professional and has worked in leading ad agencies in Karachi and Islamabad. He commands over accounts of FBR, ECP, FWO, Ministry of Health and PTCL. He regards William James and Jan Illiya as prime source of inspiration for advertising students and professionals. His skill mix consists of concept writing, copywriting, graphic designing, calligraphy, editing and presentation. He is writing a book on advertising practices in Pakistan. He enjoys over one decade friendship with Chief Editor, Sajid Imtiaz. 

Mian Shahbaz Sharif: He is a seasoned politician of Pakistan having buck eye on bright future of Punjab. Besides Punjabi, Urdu and English, he is well versed with German language. He enjoys good relations with international figures and businesspersons of Europe, China and America. He is true lover of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, poet philosopher of East. He takes great care in grooming of his son in national politics of Pakistan. It is very difficult to defeat him in elections from his constituency.

Mohsin Ali Mehmud: He hails from Joharabad and serves in Prime Minister’s Secretariat in Islamabad. He was a studious boy in secondary school. He enjoys songs of Abrarul Haque and Fareeha Pervaiz. Once an apple of his parents’ eyes now a married person and has three children. He performs his duties to the entire satisfaction of his superiors and has travelled abroad on duty. Poetry of Sheik Allama Muhammad Iqbal has great influence in his personality. He daily walks for 25 minutes and plays cricket on Sunday. Revival of film industry of Pakistan especially Melody Cinema is his desire. He enjoys friendship with Editor in Chief for last 36 years.

Muhammad Aqil Qureshi: He was an ace telecom expert in Pakistan. He has served Siemens and leading Chinese companies in Pakistan. He has represented Pakistan in international fora. As an expert, he remains reserved with colleagues and family members. Mr. Aqil suffered from kidney problem and died in Soan Town in Islamabad. Daily 10 Minutes requests government to grant Hilal-e-Pakistan to Mr. Aqil.

Muhammad Ilyas: He hails from Palandri but lives and works in Lahore. He did his M. Phil (Economics) from Karachi Applied Economics Center. Besides serving in APTMA and LUMS, he has served with leading economists like Dr. Hafeez A. Pasha. He has his own approach to solve economic problems of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Discerning Muhammad Ilyas finds Prof. Raymond Fisman and Dr. Paul J. Zak as best national economic managers. He recommends kingdom as most favored political system for sustainable economic development of Pakistan. He manages a management consultant firm in Lahore. He walks for 25 minutes daily and enjoys adorable good health.

Muhammad Saleem: He is a career government officer serving in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in Islamabad as Principal Information Officer. He is well dressed, soft spoken and knows dynamics of media in the country. Lately President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has conferred award on him. Objective and correct picture of government is portrayed by him. His doors remain open for solving issues of media community. Keeping in view surge of Facebook, he finds media as No.1 pillar of every state and world. He has traveledabroad on official assignments. He sees bright future of electronic media. 

Waqas Ahmad Shaiq: He hails from Rawalpindi and student of MBA in Iqra University. He learnt portrait making from Rawalpindi Arts College. He finds Sadqain as best painter in Pakistan. Besides making portraits of Allama Iqbal and M.A. Jinnah, he has made portrait of Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani. He is making portraits of Hujin Tao and Winjia Bao with charcoal pencil. His solo expo will be held in Pakistan National Council of Arts in Islamabad. Cell: 0333-5595224

Younas Shahbaz: He is over 60 years and well versed. Besides reciting Bible for First Mennonite Church of Pakistan, he does poetry in Punjabi language. His students in Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Wazirabad love his company.  He is a straightforward person and gives fair criticism to issues and politicians. Currently he is reviewing couple of literary scripts for publication houses. He recommends Ghalib, Iqbal, Josh and Jon Alia to young poets. His favorite lines are “Fair seed time had my soul, I grew up fostered alike by beauty and by fear”. He suggests few political parties and technology revolution to foster economic development in country

Raees Khan: He is a very jolly Pathan and spent his childhood in Islamabad. He is a graduate and currently working for an international development organization in Islamabad. Raees Khan has visited several tourist sites in Pakistan with his friends. Fishing and cricket are his past time. He feels sorry that why Pakistani youth is not utilizing potential of internet. He has worked in Nayab Labs and NADRA. He is public health conscious and does not like dustbins in roadsides of Islamabad. He wants CDA to remove these dustbins that emit stink and virus. One of his best friends is Arab Hussain Khan.  

Karamat Chugtai: He hails from Rawalpindi and works as director client services in Adgroup advertising in Islamabad. He is diligent and monitors ongoing advertising campaigns. He has been handling accounts of Ministry of Health, Election Commission of Pakistan and Federal Board of Revenue. He is smart and assumes responsibility. Though some former Adgroup employees consider him a tough executive yet he is social and works in interest of agency. He did not change the agency though received several lucrative offers from other agencies. Karamt is right hand man of Syed Asif Salahuddin, chief executive. He finds outdoor, online and BTL media more effective than electronic, print and ATL media. He finds easier to work with NGOs for their detailed budgets and plans. One of his best friends is Mian Imtiazur Rasheed.

A.Z.K. Sherdil: He was a career civil servant and always worked for organizational restructuring and development. Prior holding position of Chairman Bank of Punjab, he was chief secretary of Government of Punjab. During his service, he got training from NIPA and Civil Service Academy. He listened carefully members of board of directors and implements best solution for greater benefits of stakeholders. Mr. Sherdil was charismatic and charming and loved by his juniors and peer group in civil bureaucracy. He restructured different attached departments of Federal Ministry of Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis. He believed in strong understanding level amongst line staff, senior management and political leadership to make socio-economic miracles. He departed in 2011. Mr. Sherdil lives in our memory. 

Sayyed Ahmad Masud: He is managing director of Channel-7 and Launchpad Interactive, leading advertising agencies of Islamabad. He is a graduate from Quaid-e-Azam University and keeps his companies abreast with top notch solutions to satisfy quality-conscious clients in Islamabad and Lahore. Tekko is a famous advertising concept for Federal Ministry of Health. Launchpad Interactive is a Pakistani social media agency and he intends to make it “Market Display Digital Center”. He wants Pakistani creatives and marketing team to be abreast with latest communication applications like Causes and Pinterest, Faisal Ashraf said. Smart and handsome Sayyed Masud gives leeway to his team for better output. He is planning to expand network of agencies throughout Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He intends to create soft image of FATA in international markets. In Pakistan, potential of advertising business is Rs.10 to 12 billion annually that has to be tapped. He has potential to become Pakistani advertising guru if he implements ideas mentioned at SlideShare. Few of his professional friends are Syed Ali and Syed Mehmud Hashmi.

Sabro Air-Conditioning: Sabro is the leading air-conditioners, chillers and boilers maker of Pakistan. Established in 1968, Sabro is an ISO-9001 certified company and has been exporting split and window air conditioners to UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Working style of Asif Siddique Chaudhry is participatory. He takes special care of outgoing and export consignments. He regularly participates in international expos. Sabro (S.A. Brothers) is member of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and HVAC Association of Pakistan. It has got several awards. Almost 99% employees, even in factory, know prime objective of Sabro. R&D and Engineering departments remain busy in designing new improved appliances. Marketing department has a plan to use online marketers. Sabro still has to choose brand ambassador. Company enjoys banking relations with HBL. Foreign qualified Asif Siddique finds Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry effective in getting business queries from abroad. Real estate and mega development projects are potential clients of the company. Systematic and stylish Sabro keeps itself away from national politics and sees bright future of real estate in Pakistan. Daily 10 Minutes rates Sabro Air-Conditioning as A-class manufacturing concern. 

Allama Muhammad Iqbal: Muslims call him Sheikh, scholars call him Doctor, Pakistanis call him Great Bard, Kashmiris call him Saint whereas the West calls him Sir. His poetry is for children, youth and humanity. His books are taught in India, Iran, China and Turkey besides Pakistan. Allama Iqbal Open University is the 2nd largest university of world in Islamabad. Distinguished Chairs of Iqbal are in several universities. Almost everyone knows about Allama Muhammad Iqbal but few live life on principles of self knowledge and self actualization. Besides lover of western philosophers, Iqbal was votary of Muhammad (SAS). He took special care in mental development of his children. Javed Nama is for everyone. Though Iqbal departed in 1938 yet his spirit still visits children in dream. People used to read his statements on politics of India. Pakistani children want bills carrying photo of Allama Iqbal. Two of great admirers of Iqbal are Amitabh Bachchan and Luay Y.A. Istanbouli. In film Coolie, Amitabh used symbols of Iqbal and eagle whereas Luay Istanbouli said that Abraham Maslow developed Hierarchy of Needs from works of Iqbal. Moreover, Mian Shahbaz Sharif is another follower of Iqbal thus people expect a lot from him. Pakistan in 2012 faces unrest and target killings and needs action on firm beliefs of Allama. MQM must also include Iqbal in its referendum. Holy Spirit of Iqbal demands action and nothing except the positive action. [Nov 8, 2012]

Nauman Lodhi: He hails from D.G. Khan and Kashmiri from maternal side. Marketing especially online marketing is his passion. Nauman is working as business manager in SORCIM technologies based in Rawalpindi. He has travelled a lot throughout the country. He finds Webs an A-class web designing and hosting customer-friendly company. He finds PublikDemand as future of internet. In a meeting, he said that Pakistani advertising agencies must have clientèle database to communicate effectively. He appreciated Daily B-Rich for promoting film scripts. He promised to develop animated movie, The Final Lord of Center. He takes advice of his retired banker father, Younas Lodhi. 

Samiullah Khan Niazi: He hails from Bahawalpur and famous as The Flying Horse. Left winger player is former captain of Pakistani Hockey team. Smart Samiullah rides bicycle daily and trains players in Motiullah Hockey Stadium. He was instrumental in Pakistan's bronze medal in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and winning gold in Asian Games in 1978. Samiullah Khan retired from international hockey in 1982. Hockey remains his first and last love like Kaleemullah, his brother. National legend  must be used in advertising and PR campaigns, Aqeel Arshad suggests. Daily 10 Minutes designates 61 years old Samiullah as ambassador of Street-is-Home Drive for year 2013. Hopefully he would promote this cause countrywide. [Nov 14, 2012]

Munir Rind: He hails from Balochistan and works as director operations in MCOM advertising. Before joining Orient McCann-Erickson he served in OGDCL. Masters in Urdu, Munir is very practical man and deals accounts of FWO, SCO, POF, CDA and FBR. Perfect bachelor Rind is great admirer of late S.H. Hashmi and Sohail Kisat. He has the opportunity to learn from Mehmud Hashmi. He enjoys good reputation in media community of Islamabad and one of his close friends is Muneer Hussain of Daily Express. Advertising strategy must bring results at ground level, he advises to young adpersons. Advertising professionals call him S.H. Hashmi II. He sees bright future of online papers and MCOM. 

Moazzam Ali Khan: He hails from Karachi and grandson of Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan. Prior joining u-fone, he has served in MCOM and Orient McCann-Erickson in Islamabad. Handsome graduate has dealt accounts of CDA, ISPR, Mobilink, CDNS, Emaar Pakistan, BHP Billiton, Metro Bikes and Plan Pakistan. S.H. Hashmi and Sohail Kisat are his role models in advertising and public relations. Moazzam keeps good relations with media community. Stylish Khan has appeared in launch campaign of Warid. He finds great potential of outdoor advertising in neglected cities like Bahawalpur and Azad Kashmir. Steven R. Covey’s 8 Habits of Effective People is his favorite book. One of his professional friends is Manan Zafar. 

Ustad Khalid Waris: He is a Ghazal singer who learnt classical singing from William Akhtar in Peshawar. Khalid lives in Rawalpindi but follows Gwalior school of singing. He is singing for last ten years but still hidden from TV eye. When he sings, ghazal lovers feel spirit of Ustad Lal Khan near oneself. In a recent interview, he said that Saleem Raza (late) is the perfect singer of Pakistan. He clearly defined Marasi and Attai. Young and magnetic Ustad wants proper time for ghazal singers in media. Waqas Ikbal and he are planning to launch debut album in 2013 in which fine arts lovers would find rare poetry of Nasir Kazmi, Gulzar and Mirza Ghalib. Ustad Khalid Waris likes transparent journalism of Daily B-Rich. 

Umer Hayat Faisal: He hails from Jaranwala and serving as business development manager in Vibrant Communication in Islamabad. He has managed a fitness club in Faisalabad. Charming Umer has passion for cricket as well. He keeps album of skipper Imran Khan. He meets with business community of different cities of country. In a meeting, he told that there are lots of business in market to be tapped. He is using all skills learnt in MBA studies for employers and clients. He finds Daily 10 Minutes as the most candid e-paper of Pakistan and recommends everyone to start advertising in it. 

Adnan Mushtaq Ali: He is serving as communications director in MCOM advertising in Islamabad. Smart executive deals with National Savings, Metro Group of Companies, DHA Islamabad and Emaar Pakistan. He is great votary of Syedna Burhanuddin. Responsible Adnan knows that clients pay for creative as well as media strategies. He always gives result-oriented solutions to clients. Stylish Adnan regularly studies international advertising journals to keep himself abreast with latest trends. He is in favor of development journalism and seamless social media. Charming Adnan is adored by his colleagues and peer group. Like JWT Paris, he emphasizes optimum utilization of agency resources for better societal living standard. Married Adnan lives with his family in the capital.  

Syed Sabir Jamil: He is an advertising professional who has served in Midas, Al-Akhbar and Thoughts Advertising. He is an English copywriter who crafted eye-catching campaigns for PTCL, FBR, ECP and Ministry of Health. Soft spoken Sabir always gave result-oriented solutions to Ghulam Akbar and Anam Akbar. Few of his admirers are Nadeem Qureshi and Mian Imtiazur Rasheed. He finds “Hamlet and Bakistan” a befitting experiment on modern man and society. Ice cool Sabir deems bright future of digital media in Pakistan. For past some years he lives in Canada.  

Shahzad Nawaz: He hails from Karachi. As a creative director from his design house, he has developed remarkable campaigns for Faujisoft and Power 99. He has also served as regional director of Gravity advertising in Islamabad. MD PTV Yousaf Mirza hired his services to improve screen value of Pakistan Television. Smart Shahzad studies journals to bring change in advertising horizon of Pakistan. Besides film Chambeli, he has also appeared in a music track. In his forties, he is still healthy despite smoking. He finds Javed Jabbar as advertising icon. One of his best friends is Imran Peerzada. Future of digital media is bright in Pakistan, he believes.  

Ajmal Durrani: He hails from Peshawar but lives in Rawalpindi. Prior managing Concept One, he has served Thoughts Advertising as senior art director. He developed eye catching and informative campaigns for Pakistan Railways, FBR, Wilson Mall, Election Commission of Pakistan and National Highway Authority. Before designing advertising campaigns he thoroughly studies works of competitors. He is expert in printing, calligraphy and sculpture making. Ajmal Durrani is best player of chess, table tennis and football. He believes that digital media has bright future in country. Married Ajmal trained several young men in designing and graphic designing. He is younger brother of Hamid Durrani. One of his best friends is Mustansar Javed, columnist.  

Syed Mehmud Hashmi: He is managing director of Orient Advertising, the oldest advertising agency of Pakistan. Being elder son of late S.H. Hashmi, he tries to keep and increase goodwill of the agency. Prior Carat, McCann Erickson has been an international partner of Orient. Conducive working environment is necessary for better work, he believes. Mehmud Sahib has trained nearly 100 persons including Nadeem Alvi and Haqqan-ur-Rehman. Orient is planning to get ISO-9000 certification. Bright future of digital media in Pakistan, he sees. He is also chief scout of Pakistan Scouts Association. He keeps cordial relations with all political parties especially PML-Q. Married Syed Sahib lives in Islamabad. 

Gulrez Mojez: He is chief executive of Adetude advertising and has served as regional director of Interflow in Islamabad. He has been handling accounts of PTCL, Mobilink, ufone, Pepsi and Ministry of Information. Soft spoken Mojez is creative by nature and collaborative by profession. Very discerning Mojez gives leeway to creatives to come up with solutions for local audience. He has traveled abroad and keeps himself abreast with latest trends. He plans to tap advertising potential of FATA. Consistency is key to success in life, he advocates. Employees and peer group like him for caring administrative attitude. Few of his best friends are Taher A. Khan and Sohail Kisat. He lives a happy life in Islamabad.  

Rehmat Ali Razi: He hails from Lahore and editor in chief of daily Taqat and daily Business World. He is the only journalist who has got seven APNS awards. Daily Taqat is six years old. Rehmat Ali Razi is also editor in chief of weekly Azm and weekly Economic World. Well travelled Razi has been offering solutions to federal and Punjab governments. His heart bleeds over dismal economic condition of Pakistan. He takes interest in contents of six periodicals of Azam Group of Newspapers. One of his favorite friends is Rehman Adil. Mr. Razi sees bright future of digital media in the country. His two sons are also serving the journalism of Pakistan. Head office of Azm Group of Newspapers is in Lahore.  

Awais Hamid Khan: He hails from Rawalpindi and is founder and managing director of Ideas Workshop, an advertising agency in Islamabad. He finds Mehmud Hashmi of Orient Advertising as advertising guru. Intelligent Khan has been offering comprehensive solutions to Federal Ministry of Enviornment, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Health, NAB and NRB. He was shortlisted for resident director of Gravity. Khan still advocates for tapping advertising potential of Pakistan. He sees bright future of digital media in country after weekly Newsweek going digital. He is respected by employees and ad professionals. One of his friends is Shahzad Nawaz.

Tahir Mahmood: He is managing director of Vini Vici Advertising, established in 2003. As account director in Thoughts advertising he used to deal with Election Commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Railways and Ministry of Human Rights, Law & Justice. He also served in Daily Khabrian as a journalist. A professional team of economic researchers is necessary for conquering any market, he believes. He plans to open branches in neglected cities like Gujranwala, Sialkot and Multan. He regards Tanvir Ahmad, CEO of Maxim as advertising guru. Bright future of online marketing and advertising in Pakistan he sees. Married Tahir lives in Islamabad. One of his few friends is Jawad Ahmad.

Aftab Akbar: He hails from Bahawalpur and is a famous writer. He has produced couple of tele dramas namely Zid and Jamshed D.P. He is director of Midas International. Being an organized man, he directs actors and staff to complete projects in time. He is inspired by the historical plays of Nasim Hijazi. He finds Naeem Ahmad as creative guru. He has introduced talents like Veena Malik. Aftab walks ten minutes a day to keep himself fit. With colleagues, he used to play cricket in Islamabad. Mian Imtiaz still admires his creative skills. Advertising potential needs to be tapped, he believes. One of his few friends is Shoaib Mansur. Aftab is third son of Ghulam Akbar and lives in Lahore.   

Governor Engr. Shaukatullah Khan: He hails from Bajaur Agency and got engineering degree from University of Engineering Taxila. Prior becoming Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he was federal minister of FATA affairs. Born in 1968, Engineer Khan has been taking active part in economic development of people of tribal areas. He will develop trade and economic relations with neighbouring countries especially Afghanistan and Iran. FATA Investment Facilitation Authority, Bank of FATA, Peshawar Stock Exchange and IT Parks are his top priorities. He enjoys trust of people and media. He sees bright future of digital media in the province. Healthy Khan Saheb takes 20 minutes walk daily.   

Zoone Hasan: She hails from Rawalpindi and executive director of Thali. She is graduate and English poetess. She has served as English copywriter in Orient McCann Erickson in Islamabad. Kind hearted Zoone takes active part in welfare of poor people. Her role models are her parents. Thali, a non profit organization has made mark in Pakistan. Corporate sector must consume 5% income after tax in social causes. Sayyada Zoone likes thought provoking contents of Daily 10 Minutes. She sees bright future of digital media in the country. One of her best friends is Rabia Pasha. Besides playing table tennis, she enjoys Indian songs. She deserves to be president of Youth Parliament of Pakistan. 

Fasihuddin PSP: He is a senior police officer and hails from Peshawar. Besides President of Pakistan Society of Criminology, he is editor-in-chief of Pakistan Journal of Criminology. He remains busy in research projects and writes columns in Daily Aaj. Fasihuddin has delivered lectures in score of seminars and conferences. Technology is best option to curb crimes in the country. Criminology as a career course must be introduced in all universities in Pakistan, he advocates. One of his few friends is Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Suddle. He enjoys good reputation abroad and in Pakistan. 

Imran Ghaznavi: He is advisor in Planning Commission. Smart Imran has worked in couple of television dramas from Islamabad. He also served as communication consultant in FBR, SECP and PIA besides daily Dawn and Express. He is board member of federal tax ombudsman. Intelligent Imran keeps cordial relations with media and finds growth of social media and advanced television in the country. We are living in microblog era, he said. Married Imran lives in Islamabad.  

Abdul Wahab Khalil: He hails from Peshawar and former general councillor. Married and graduate Khalil Sahib has long association with Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf since 1996. He is contesting as member of assembly from PF-6.  He has been advocating for peace and progress in province and FATA. He enjoys good reputation in society and business community trust in him. Khalil Sahib believes that media can play a great role in general elections. 

Shazia Aurangzeb Khan: She hails from Nowshera and former MPA of PML-N. Born in 1964, she resigned and joined PPP last year. Shazia has been advocating for rights of women and poor. She finds philosophy of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto as beacon of light for peace and progress of Pakistan. In elections 2013, she is contesting from NA-9 Mardan. Shazia enjoys trust of women and media in her constituency. Her success depends on door to door campaign. 

Hariharan: He hails from Mumbai and renowned playback singer. After graduation he chose singing as career. He has sung over 500 songs in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Kaanada. He married in 1984 and has one son, Akshay. Colonial Cousin, the band formed in 1996, got reputation worldwide. One of his few friends is Amitabh Bachchan. Hariharan has performed with leading singers even in Lahore. Faisal Javed Rana is number one fan in Pakistan. His thirty ghazal albums are superb. Zindan-e-Subh-o-Shaam is one fine ghazal to practice classical music and singing. In 2004, Hariharan got Padma Shri and K.J. Yesudas award. Around the world youth and age like his melodious vocals. 

Advocate Muhammad Arif: He hails from Swat and a candidate for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly from PK-82. He has been associated with PPP from college years and have applied for party ticket. He enjoys good reputation in his constituency. In an interview at Peshawar, Arif said that he would strengthen Swat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said that without media intervention it is very difficult to win elections. Unmarried advocate practices law in his district. He won the elections. 

Aminur Rasheed: He hails from Baffa and editor in chief of Daily Abaseen Express. He did graduation in 1993 and is an associate cost and management accountant. Amin has served in Linkers Communication, Adgroup and Independent News Pakistan. He finds Iram Shahzad as role model in advertising and business. He sees bright future of Pakistani economy and digital media. Advertising potential needs to be tapped by reforming APNS. He enjoys good reputation in Batgram, Islamabad and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Amin keeps himself fit by walking 10 minutes daily.   

Zaheeruddin Ahmed: He hails from Islamabad and former newscaster of PTV. Before launch of his firm, Tele Film, he served as project director in Midas Communications. He handled accounts of National AIDS Control Program, EPI and Ministry of Health. Smart Zaheer enjoys good reputation in media community and finds Ghulam Akbar as media guru in Pakistan. He sees bright future of digital media and data source firms in Pakistan. Few people know his palmistry skills. One of his few friends is Mian Imtiazur Rasheed. Married Zaheer lives a happy life in Islamabad.  

Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan: He hails from Peshawar and former federal minister for communications. He has been associated with Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians. He advocates ideology of PPP. He keeps constant contact with his constituency members. Dr. Arbab enjoys trust of people and business community. He is hopeful to win elections. Arbab Alamgir contested from NA-2 but lost. His sons also take interest in political life of their father. 

Maqsood Ansari: He hails from Karachi and managing director of Argus advertising. He takes keen interest in public relations and keeps professional relation with media. Maqsood Sahib is a kind hearted man and chairman of The Cancer Foundation. Argus is successfully managing accounts like PIA, Meezan Bank, State Life, etc. Digital media is reality of today and tomorrow. Huge advertising potential must be tapped by advertising fraternity. He is liked by staff as well as peer group.

Syed Masum Shah Bacha: He hails from Charsadda and leader of Awami National Party. From college life he has been taking part in welfare schemes in his hometown. He has completed score of development projects in different localities. He has the opportunity to closely work with top leadership of ANP. He enjoys reputation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Syed Masum Shah contested elections as ANP candidate from PK-21 and lost. He got hurt in assassination attack. After medical treatment in Peshawar, he is still committed for development of his people. Discerning Syed Shah keeps cordial relations with media community and takes interest in electoral campaign.

Omar Shahzad Khan: He hails from Charsadda and former resident director of ad agency, Evernew Concepts, in Islamabad. Having political background, he intends to bring change in lives of people. In 2013, he is contesting from NA-7 as independent candidate. Highly educated Omar Khan wants development of Charsadda like metropolis Islamabad. Hopefully he will win elections, Momin Khan said. He lives a happy life with family in Islamabad.  

Daniyal Aziz: He hails from Narowal and former chairman of National Reconstruction Bureau. He is great proponent of local government system and participatory development. Under his leadership, local government elections were successfully conducted. He is member of Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment. Highly educated Daniyal Aziz enjoys sheer trust of people and communities countrywide. In 2013, he contested elections from NA-116 and won. He takes great care of his health. He keeps cordial relations with media and believes that digital media will flourish in country.  

Dr. Yousaf Bataineh: He is a Jordanian diplomat who served Pakistan during 1994 to 1997. While serving at Islamabad, charming Yousaf completed his Ph.D. from University of The Punjab. He promoted trade relations between two friendly countries. He still takes interest in economic development of Pakistan. He still remembers natural beauty of Gilgit and Swat. Daily 10 Minutes requests Government of Pakistan to confer civil award of Pakistan on Dr. Yousaf Bataineh.

Dr. Yasin Istanbuli: He hails from Amman and former ambassador extraordinary of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for Pakistan and Bangladesh during 1996-2000. A prolific analyst, negotiator and writer in international relations. Oxford University Press has published his book “Diplomacy and Diplomatic Practices in the Early Islamic Era”. During his tenure, he improved economic, defense and cultural relations amongst Pakistan, Bangladesh and Jordan. He took special interest in formation of Islamabad Foreign Women Association. He gives lectures in Diplomacy Institute of Jordan in Amman. Dr. Yasin did his Ph.D. from Romania. He still believes that Pakistan can make a mega mark in international arena if it uses diplomatic and scientific pools efficiently. He is soft spoken and graceful philosopher like Robert Frost. Dr. Yasin is married and has two sons and one daughter. 

Prof. Dr. Pervez Iqbal Cheema:  He was dean of international relations in Quaid-e-Azam University before joining as director in National Defence University in Islamabad. He is a tall and assertive man and enjoys Urdu ghazals. Besides editing journals and writing columns in leading English newspapers, Dr. Cheema appears in current affairs programs on television as regional and defence analyst. He finds national interest as prime motive in dynamic international relations. Right mix of international friends and networks can develop a developing country, he believes. He finds Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory relevant in national development. Like other compatriots, his heart also bleeds over slow sustainable economic development of Pakistan. His students are serving the country in different organizations. He considers e-paper industry of Pakistan as source of job opportunities and tax revenues. Chief Editor asks Dr. Pervez Cheema to write for Daily 10 Minutes. 

Nadim Qureshi: He hails from Gujar Khan and former vice principal of Army Public School at Bhimber and Gilgit. Prior working for Channel-7, he has served in Thoughts and Adgroup. He has been writing social features in Sunday magazine of Daily Jang. Organizational audit is his main domain thus he wrote a remarkable book, Daman-e-Shab. His heart bleeds over dismal economic condition of Pakistan. He believes in importance of interactive communication for public sector clients like Ministry of Health and Ministry of Population. He finds Hamlet and Bakistan, one of best English op-eds of Pakistan. In a meeting he promised to get it publish for overseas Pakistani youth and children. Well dressed and soft spoken Nadim Qureshi is loved by students and colleagues. He is married and has two intelligent sons. Hopefully his sons would be effective economists like John Kenneth Galbraith and Dr. Mehbubul Haque. Editor in Chief enjoys friendship with him since 2002.

Farrukh Umair: He hails from Rawalpindi and a result-oriented advertising executive. Before joining X2O Advertising as general manager, he has served as executive director in The Concept Communications. Adgroup, Orient McCann Erickson and Thali have also being served by him. His favorite client are Federal Ministry of Health and Ministry of population. Jolly Farrukh produced dramas for different programs of Ministry of Health. He enjoys professional relationship with media directors of government departments. He knows that BTL is more important than ATL yet finds great marketing and communication potential in e-papers of Pakistan. He says that e-papers coupled with social media are powerful communication tool for brands and societal concepts. He follows B.F. Skinner and Abraham Maslow in behaviour change communication. Engagement of customers through available media is the key, he commented in an interview. Besides palmistry and Indian numerology, he sings Indian songs. Editor in Chief Daily 10 Minutes enjoys over eight years friendship with happy-go-lucky Farrukh. One of his favorite friends is Mian Imtiazur Rasheed. He is a married person. 

Syed Asif Salahuddin: He is Chief Executive of Adgroup advertising and PR agency having offices in all provinces including AJK. His agency has got several awards from APNS for clients like FBR, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Population and Election Commission of Pakistan. He has closed his rice restaurant in Blue Area. Since 1966, dozens of talented Pakistanis have been serving in Adgroup. Asif Salahuddin always tried to hire and retain best persons in his agency. So far Adgroup has not served any telecom company that he regrets often. He is smart and has good sense of music instruments. Under dynamic leadership of Dr. Mansoor Janjua, Adgroup is planning to introduce Advertising Mentoring Program and Adgroup League for creative and economic insurgency in Pakistan.  

Nadeem Akbar:  He is a chartered accountant by profession and managing Midas advertising in Islamabad. He has been offering result oriented solutions and strategies to Ministry of Health for eradication of Polio and AIDS. He is aware of significance of digital media as far as environment is concerned. He is a tall, healthy, handsome and cricket lover. He respects women employees and in favor of Whiteribbon campaign. Nadeem Akbar has plans to use Midas’ web portal as market-display powerhouse for brands and services in Pakistan. His critics e.g. Naeem Ahmad and Mian Imtiazur Rasheed are his best friends. He is third son of Ghulam Akbar and lives a happy life with family in Islamabad.     

Nasir Iqbal Nashi: He hails from Taxila and working for Al-Razziq Overseas Consultants as marketing executive. He is managing educational project for Christian community under The One Trust, managed by Sardar Nadeem. He clearly informs pros and cons of services offered by Al-Razziq. Well mannered and hardworking Nasir has plans to publish a bilingual magazine in next six months. One of his favorite singers is Hariharan and he regularly listens to him for 30 minutes. He finds Facebook the best brand for next ten years. The biggest problem of Pakistan is electricity loadshedding, he said. He enjoys good reputation in literary circle of Taxila. By the end of June 2013, he will marry with a Pakistani girl. www.theonetrust.org

Nauman Nasar: He is a Pakistani national born in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is by caste Syed and getting higher education in Canada. He has soft corner for socio-economic development of Pakistan. Charming Nauman supports different causes like No Horn Honking, Be Rich Drive, White Ribbon Campaign and Love Police. He emphasizes on creative knowledge bank for Pakistan. Nauman likes news items of Daily 10 Minutes.

Nuzhat Yasmeen: She is a career government officer from information group. She has served in External Publicity Wing and currently is director general in Press Information Department. She has done courses at NIPA and Civil Service Academy. Women officers, foreign journalists and ministers feel comfort to work with her. She is very polite and counsel local media community in objective reporting and publicity. She takes interest in development of media especially electronic and online. Keeping in view environment, e-dailies and news scrolls have bright future in Pakistan, she commented. One of her best friends is Samina Waqar, another competent PR officer.

Osama Pervaiz: He hails from Faisalabad and is a student of business administration in FAST Science and Technology University. He has won awards and scholarships in secondary schools. He takes special interest in new brands and marketing strategies. He believes that creation of better standard of living is possible through marketing and advertising. He wants Wazirabad and Sialkot to adopt new products and technologies like Sprinkles Machines and Flying Cars. He wants revival of Pakistani film industry not only in Karachi but also in metropolis Islamabad. He finds better prospects of online media in Pakistan. He promised to tap 30 million internet users for Daily 10 Minutes. He is planning to do masters in business administration from Harvard Business School.

P.K. Lee: She is a Chinese national from Hong Kong and working for Medecins Sans Frontieres in Islamabad. She is soft spoken, intelligent and hard working person always busy to create better image of MSF in Pakistani media. She is working as communications advisor and liked by all colleagues. She has visited earthquake affected areas in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. She takes tea sans milk i.e. Chinese tea and recommends it for Pakistanis for better health. She sees improved Sino-Pak relations in coming years.   

Prof. Dr. Sheik Saeed Ahmad: He is doctor in English literature. He was professor of English in F.G. H-8 College, Islamabad. Shakespeare's Dramas are his forte and hallmark. In classroom, he used to correlate different characters of tragedies and comedies of the Great Bard. He is a soft spoken professor narrating English Romantic Poetry in such a manner that students feel themselves beside River Thames. Married professor is proud that his students are pro-actively participating in development of Pakistan. Politics is not his business, he said to chief editor in 1995.   

Prof. Zahid Pervez Butt: He is chairman and founder of Zahid Butt Kashmir Museum in Islamabad. With persistence and perseverance he fulfilled his life dreams. He is well versed and well travelled and has spoken on many fora on art and antiquity. His life is a living image of Kashmir. He has dedicated the museum to Kashmiri nation. Two sons and two daughters are joy forever for him. In his fifties, he is still active, romantic and always demanding from life something new to satisfy his basic instinct. He has special love for Islamic poetry and Koran. Liberal minded Prof. Zahid deserves President’s Pride of Performance. His travelogue “Passage to Paradise” is worth reading. His heart bleeds on dismal performance of economy.

Rizwan Chaudhry: He hails from Faisalabad and lives in Islamabad. He was a sportsman in secondary school. He used to manage elder brother’s video shop at F-7/1 market. He is married person and keeps friendship with selective persons. Sometimes he writes stories besides drawing and painting. His heart bleeds over inefficient politicians. Rizwan likes Kishore Kumar and Muhammad Rafi. His favorite poetic lines are “For beauty I am not a star, there are other more handsome by far. My face I don’t mind it, because I am always behind it. It is the time in front that I jarred”. He enjoys friendship with Sajid Imtiaz for last 30 years.

S.H. Hashmi: Syed Haseen Hashmi was a soft spoken adman of Pakistan. People still call him “Father of Advertising in Pakistan” though his agency “Orient” could not innovate media like Internet, StumbleUpon, iPad and RoadNinja. He helped develop Pakistan Advertising Association and got President’s Pride of Performance award. He believed in continuous work instead of selective work. He died in 2006 when Editor in Chief Sheik Sajed Imtiaz was working for Orient McCann Erickson in Islamabad. Employees still regard him as father figure. He has two sons; Mehmud Hashmi and Masud Hashmi.

Sardar Hasan: He hails from Kashmir and did graduation from National College of Arts Lahore. He sketches and paints realistically. Besides Shakir Ali and Sadqain, he likes Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. Smart Sardar understands modern advertising and remains busy to coin new medium or platform for brand managers. In discussion he emphasizes on revival of cinema and showbiz in Pakistan. His favorite movies are Thomas Crown Affair and The Beautiful Mind. Happy-go-lucky Hasan wants Hariharan to sing ghazals of Omar Kayam for worldwide audience. After working for The Concept Communications in Islamabad, he is working as senior graphic designer for a Lahore-based design house. He promised to draw Hamlet and Bakistan in a single piece. 

Saima Ammar: Saima Ammar founded and managed Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness in Islamabad. She died in Islamabad in 2011. She was a courageous and compassionate lady who spoke for women empowerment in schools and colleges. Hopefully her husband, Ammar Masud, would take PFFB to new heights. Editor in Chief has the owner to meet her while working at MCOM. 

Sardar Abrar Riaz Khan: He is a young man and managing The Concept Communications, an advertising agency in Islamabad. Weekly Deep Muzaffarabad is also making its mark in Azad Kashmir. He gives useful suggestions e.g. “Pink City” painting of Muzaffarabad as pink to attract Pakistani and international tourists. Abrar Khan is an MBA and used to visit Dubai and Thailand for business purposes. He takes great interest in heritage and cultural activities pertaining to Kashmir.

Shahzad Munir: He is a political leader of Pakistan People’s Party. He was president of PSF in F.G. H-8 College. He was a student of Psychology and kept manly mustache adorable by every first year boy. Since 23 long years have passed yet he could not make mark in central executive committee of PPP. Shahzad is a handsome person and gives workable suggestions in personal and public meetings. Mr. Bilawal Zardari must take note of suggestions of charming and charismatic Shahzad Munir.  

Shakila Khatun: She is a married woman and earns income as parking guide at Sindh High Court in Karachi. Her husband is seriously sick. She is truly a courageous woman of Pakistan and Daily 10 Minutes declares her Wonder Woman of Pakistan.

Irshad Ahmed Haqani: He was born in a Sheikh family in Qasur and wrote several books. He was a professor of Urdu and Islamic Studies and ace analytical columnist of Daily Jang. He also served as Federal Information Minister in interim government of Mairaj Khalid. He could not bring desired change in behavior of people of Lahore as they are most horn honking people of Pakistan. Sheik Sajed Imtiaz, Chief Editor has the opportunity to speak with in conferences in Islamabad.

Sikandar Khilji: He hails from Sindh and working for Pakistan Television Corporation as set designer. He did masters in fine arts. Before joining PTV, he served in advertising agencies in Islamabad. He remains busy to update himself with latest trends in advertising and showbiz. He is living in Islamabad.

Sohail Warraich: He is one of seasoned journalists of Pakistan. His weekly current affairs analysis in Daily Jang is worth reading. He is well traveled and remains objective in reporting and analysis. He has got popularity from GEO program “One Day with Celebrity”. Besides giving lectures, he has travelled abroad with government delegations. His peer group including Pervaiz Shaukat and Hamid Mir regards him a commentator par excellence. He sees bright future of e-papers and e-weeklies in Pakistan.

Solomon Silas: He hails from Rawalpindi and ex junior commissioned officer of Army Education Corps. He is not only a good teacher of science and math but also a good singer. His favorite singers are Benjamin Sisters and Arona Laila. Sometime he recites Na’at for his Muslim friends. At the age of 42 he is still in perfect physique. He has got over 20 years teaching experience. He is source of light for Christian community. He finds No Horn Honking campaign as one of best cultural cause of Pakistan. His heart bleeds when he finds utilities crises in the country. He is planning to quit Morven Gold in 2012. He welcomes First Mennonite Church of Pakistan. He enjoys 18 years friendship with the Chief Editor.

Stephen Iqbal: He is a gentleman and lives in G-7/2. He lives a simple life and concentrates on his services to employers. He does two jobs to meet the both ends. Besides teaching his children, he also teaches to children of neighbors. He has healing powers through prayers. He does not like performance of CDA. He said that foreign employers like loyal, honest and hard working persons. His struggling life is a model for others especially Christians.   

Sumaira Chaudhry: Sumaira hails from Faisalabad and is masters in English literature from University of the Punjab. She has written several Urdu plays for television channels. She has served in Orient Advertising and Pakistan Television Corporation. She is well travelled, well read and saintly nature writer. She understands human emotions and problems especially women issues in Pakistan. She envisions better future for her country that is depicted in her plays. Still she has to make mark in comedies. 

Syed Haqqan-ur-Rehman: He hails from Multan and has served in advertising agencies; Orient-McCann Erickson, Midas, MCOM and The Concept Communications. He has also served in a TV channel and fortnightly Deep Muzaffarabad. He is an MBA and always offers result oriented media and marketing plans to clients like Federal Ministry of Health, PTCL and Election Commission of Pakistan. Soft spoken and well dressed Haqqan is loved by his colleagues and peer group. He was senior of Safeer Hussain Shah, Moazzam Ali Khan and Malik Junaid Awan. He finds S.H. Hashmi as dynamic advertising personality. He also served as protocol officer in Senate of Pakistan. 

Syed Shahzad Ali: He hails from Hyderabad and did masters in business administration from Iqra University. He is an apple of his parents’ eyes and after ten years working experience in different advertising agencies, he has started his own agency, Vibrant Communications. Well mannered and soft spoken Shahzad is true representative of Sindh. He favors Small Agency Awards, idea presented by Daily 10 Minutes. He has plans to pitch for big clients and get at least public relations business. Currently he is working in Islamabad and lives in Rawalpindi. Hopefully he will marry by December 2013.  

Syed Zargam Haider Naqvi: He is an educationist retired as Brigadier from Army Education Corps. He was commandant of College of Army Education Upper Topa, Murree Hills back in 1994 and  ex-commandant of Cadet College Humak in Islamabad. Soft spoken and well mannered Syed Saheb takes special care in mental development of his students and colleagues. Well versed educationist and ex military commander gives due importance to state of the art science and technology in curricula. He instills drive to do something new and special in cadets e.g. new games and gizmos. He walks for 20 minutes daily.

Tahir Jamil: He is masters in business administration. Before General Manager Daily Ausaf Islamabad, he served couple of newspapers like Kainaat and Loot. He is a smart business executive endeavoring for quality advertising in the country. Tahir sees bright future of online papers. He enjoys friendship with Editor-In-Chief Sajid Imtiaz since 1992.

Yousaf Jamal Butt:  He is a handsome executive running his own business in Islamabad. He is currently Senior Vice President of Computer Association of Pakistan. He has served as banker in UAE. Yousaf was most charming bank executive according to books of Barkley Bank. He is well versed and has travelled to New York, London, Mecca and St. Petersburg. In a meeting with Editor in Chief, Yousaf Jamal said that it is difficult to do business in Pakistan as he has to face problems even in sealed tenders at government departments. He bleeds for his country like M.A.Jinnah. Yousaf enjoys Indian and Arabic music and plays drums. Title of The Most Naturally Handsome Man of Pakistan in 50s goes to Yousaf Jamal. 

Waseem Sajjad: He is highly educated and well travelled man. He hails from Muslim League and has attained prestigious positions of Interior Minister, Chairman Senate and Interim President of Pakistan. He has been diligently participated in cause of democracy and constitution making since 1985. He regrets that he could not bring two party political system and corruption free politics in the country. He finds Chaudhry Shujat Hussain, Chairman PML (Q), a legendary politician of Pakistan. 

Sohail Kisat: He hails from Karachi and an advertising professional. Prior managing MCOM, he has served as Regional Director of Orient McCann-Erickson. He has traveled to America, Canada, Malaysia, India and Dubai. His working style is to form two teams to achieve a strategic account yet 12-year old MCOM has not yet got account of any cellular company. He finds Facebook and Youtube most preferred media in future. His current creative team could not use and develop its web portal as interactive display media. Kisat has realized that communication is all about expression and not about impression. Critical criticism creates whereas imagination imitates. He likes criticism and would enrich creatives by affiliating MCOM with a foreign advertising agency. Behavior change for polio eradication and population control is possible through 360/365/marketing. 

Nasiruddin Mohmand:  He is a Platonic artist hails from Mohmand Agency but settled in Peshawar. Nasiruddin is a sculptor, painter and set designer. For last 50 years he has been painting with oil color natural scenery and past legends. He has got several awards. His works are displayed at Aiwan-e-Sadar Islamabad and Governor House Peshawar. He is proud to portray Khushal Khan Khattak, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He believes that an artist expresses his or her personal feelings in creative works. Seventy years old yet very agile Nasiruddin has lovers worldwide. One of his favourites students is Sami Khan, a graduate in fine arts from Peshawar University.

Irfan Afzal: He hails from Rawalpindi and works as creative director in Midas advertising in Islamabad. Before joining Midas, he served Maxim advertising. He is a prolific writer and manager. He takes into consideration consumer psycho-dynamics while developing advertising and public relations campaigns. Irfan has developed campaigns for OGDCL, FBR, ECP, National AIDS Control Program, PTV and PIA. Straight Sheikh studies Aurora and Ad Forum and is loved by his juniors and peer group. His favorite writer and copywriter are Robert Frost and David Ogilvy respectively.  Editor in Chief enjoys cordial relations with Irfan Afzal for last one decade.

Syed Safeer Hussain Shah: He hails from Jehlum and is advocate in Islamabad High Court. As advertising account director, he has been dealing with FBR, ECP and NAB. He has over 12 years experience in advertising field. Besides international election observer in Nepal, he is editor-in-chief of Weekly Election Times. Married Safeer Shah lives in Rawalpindi. He wants good programs on TV channels. 

Syed Shabir Hussain Shah: He hails from Mianwali but resides in Islamabad. He is a dedicated teacher of English and Urdu. Soft spoken Shah sahib is good on cracking jokes besides an orator. His students are serving different organizations of Pakistan. Shabir Shah trusts in his students and sees bright future of Pakistan. One of his close friends is Dost Muhammad Khan Niazi, a senior retired officer of AGPR. He finds Daily 10 Minutes, a result-oriented social web platform for Pakistani youth. Editor in Chief has cordial relations with Shah sahib since 1985. The headmaster has two intelligent sons and daughters.

Waqas Eqbal: He is a young businessman from Rawalpindi. Besides monthly Bazaar Buzz, he is managing a publishing house. He has passion for poetry, music and literature. He is supporting campaigns like Love Police and Save Urdu. He is lover of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib and Ustad Zakir Hussain. He enjoys friendship with Editor-in-Chief for last 4 years. He is going to marry in 2012 under First Mennonite Church of Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Muzaffar Qureshi: He did his Ph.D. from Cornell University in business management. Prior joining COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, he was dean of management sciences department at Quaid-e-Azam University. He has a great sense of humor and shares jokes when in good mood. His Ph.D. students are serving in public and private sector of Pakistan. He is authority on Courtland L. Bovee but his heart bleeds over non ethical business practices and black economy in the country. One of his favorite teachers in Pakistan is Dr. Muhammad Afzal, former chairman University Grants Commission. He did not appear on television talk shows despite demands of students. Dr. Qureshi believes that chief business of Pakistan should be business for more jobs instead of politics. He likes those U.S. institutions that give low marks to professors.

SMCSE: Silverline Management Consultants and Software Engineers is a Lahore-based sister concern of Silverline Education System. It is managed by Muhammad Ilyas. SMCSE is registered with Pakistan Software Export Board and plans to set up branch office in IT Park in Peshawar. It has representative office in United States. Working style of management is participatory. It has designed several software for international clients. Project management tools are employed for every assignment. Engineering department remains busy in designing new applications. Marketing department has a plan to use online marketers. Muhammad Ilyas, former lecturer at LUMS, has a plan to get ISO-9000 certification in 2013. About 90% employees know key objective of SMCSE. New small and medium enterprises are potential clients of the company. KAEC-qualified Muhammad Ilyas finds Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry and PSEB effective in getting business queries from abroad. He wants government to take solid steps for e-commerce and e-justice. SMCSE keeps away from national politics and sees bright future of SMEs in Pakistan. Daily 10 Minutes rates SMCSE as B-class software firm. 

President Asif Ali Zardari: He is a former cadet, businessman and PPP politician. During his political career he faced jail, disease, allegations and murder of his wife, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Besides supporting Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry prior 2008, he appointed Justice (Retd) Fakhuruddin G. Ibrahim as new Chief Election Commissioner for free, fair and transparent general elections in 2013. Handsome President brought political reforms in Federal Administered Tribal Areas. Asif Ali Zardari is the first Pakistani President who addressed to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. He follows democratic principles of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and enjoys sheer trust of Parliament and Chiefs of military forces. He believes in federation and local governments. His heart bleeds over polio incidence, poverty and energy crises. At international fora, he vehemently advocated for Pakistan’s sacrifices in War on Terror, started in 2002. He keeps cordial strategic relations with neighboring countries and super powers. President Asif Ali Zardari advocates transparent and responsible journalism in the country. Hopefully he would appreciate Daily 10 Minutes, first leading English e-paper of Pakistan. He has one son and two daughters. 

Webs: It is one of the leading web services providers of United States of America. Established in 2001, Webs was acquired by Vistaprint N.V. in 2011. It is founded and managed by two brothers, Haroon Mokhtarzada and Zeki Mokhtarzada. Over 40 million websites are core customers of Webs. Professional management takes special care of every single customer. It facilitates customers in contents and online marketing tools. Packages are market competitive whereas services truly world class. For the last one and half years, Daily 10 Minutes did not find any major problem. Daily10minutes.Webs.com is being shared at Twitter and FB pages of Reuters, Jordan Ads, MSN Pakistan, COMSATS University and MediaBank Pakistan. First Mennonite Church of Pakistan maintains official website with Webs. Almost 99% employees know prime objective of the company. R&D and Engineering departments remain always busy in designing new improved applications. Marketing department has a plan to tap China and India. VP Marketing Kathy McGovern still has to choose brand ambassador. Webs enjoys banking relations with leading banks and insurance companies. Small businesses are potential clients of the company. Charming Haroon Mokhtarzada thinks that e-papers would replace print media within next five years in developing countries. Tech-wise Webs keeps itself away from global economic politics and sees substantial growth of micro businesses and industries in Asia and world. Daily 10 Minutes rates Webs as truly A-class web solution provider of world. [Nov 7, 2012]

Kishore Kumar: The greatest singer India has ever produced. His romantic lively songs Indians, Bengalis and Pakistanis still hum today. Three songs; Sardi May Jaab Piyao Gaay Yaraon, Loog Kehtay Hain Main Sharaabi Hoon and Meri Umar Kay Nojawano gave ultimate fame to Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor respectively. Kishore Kumar did two marriages and his singer son is Ameet Kumar. Kishore-Lata and Kishore-Asha duets are for love birds. Pancham Da sang songs with all female singers including Asha, Anu Radha and Sadhana Sargam. Kumar Sanu, Ameet Kumar, Hrithik and Ali Zafar follow Kishore vocals consciously. Kumar Sanu won the distinguished chair of Kishore Kumar in 1988. Kishore pathos songs are Meray Naina Sawan Bhadon, Rim Jhim Geray Sawan and Manzilain Apni Jaga Hain. Children still enjoy his experimental music notes; Gilli Gilli Pappa, Gara Rarayray Sanini Sasasa and Haqdobva. Young singers and scholars still do research on Kishore Kumar in Indian music academies. Very few people know and hum his last song, Maan Karay Yaad Woh Din. [Nov 8, 2012]

E-Marketing: It is the first online marketing company of Peshawar managed by Muhammad Usaid Sethi. Established in 2009, E-Marketing is best for promotion of small businesses. Besides serving United Air International, Green Gardens and Women Business Development Center, it is promoting Janoon Youth Festival 2012 to be held in Peshawar. E-Marketing ensures 100K active fans and can relay SMS to 80 million mobile users. Mr. Sehti keeps good relations with online papers and advertising agencies like Fasttrack Communication. He sees bright future of digital marketing and building his creative and marketing teams. Young Sethi intends to expand the company in other parts of Pakistan. No doubt, E-Marketing is truly pocket-friendly. Daily 10 Minutes rates E-Marketing B-class online marketing company of Pakistan for year 2012. 

Ali Nadeem Abbasi: He is a senior advertising executive who has served Channel-7, Thoughts Advertising and Orient McCann-Erickson in Islamabad. He has managed business accounts of US Embassy, FBR, NHA, Ministry of Health, Pakistan Railways, ISPR and NADRA. Outgoing Nadeem is aware of nook and corner of Karachi, Sialkot and Lahore. He was a good cricketer in youth. Tall and dusky Nadeem considers Naeem Ahmad and Sayyed Masud Ahmad as advertising mavericks. He enjoys good relations with media managers and brand directors and understands importance of senior human resources in an organization. He sees bright future of online advertising in Pakistan. He promised to include e-papers in media plans for clients. One of his fast friends is Sohail Kisat. Married Nadeem keeps balance between office and home.

Barrister Masood Kausar: He is former governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and took active part in socio-economic development of the province and agencies and frontier regions of FATA. He not only met with diplomats and political personalities but also kept close relations with Chief Minister’s Secretariat and FATA Development Authority. In meetings, he advised business community and investors to avail services of FATA Investment Facilitation Authority to tap mega opportunities in tourism, mineral and education sectors. Barrister Masood Kausar is elder brother of renowned poet, Ahmad Faraz. One of his close friends is Barrister Dr. Farooq Hasan. Soft spoken Governor sees bright future of digital media in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Youth and software professionals must avail mega subsidies at IT Parks in Peshawar and Abbottabad. Governor enjoys sheer trust of political parties and President Asif Ali Zardari. Besides Bank of FATA, hopefully Governor would establish Peshawar Stock Exchange. 

Ashraf Khan Sherpao: He hails from Charsada. Prior working for leading advertising agencies like Midas and MCOM, he served couple of newspapers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Currently he is managing Fasttrack Communication and plans to expand the branch network in 2013. In a meeting he said that there are huge advertising opportunities in Peshawar and FATA. He believes in development journalism and enjoys good relations with media and civil society. He regrets that he could not work with late S.H. Hashmi. Recently married Khan aims to introduce state of the art marketing services to clients. Ashraf Khan appreciates short informative articles of Daily 10 Minutes.  

Syed Shahzad Ali  He hails from Hyderabad and manages Vibrant Communication in Islamabad. He has accumulated experience in Thoughts Advertising, Midas, Red Communication Arts and MCOM. Iqra University graduate in business administration is responsible and result-oriented. Sophisticated Shahzad is apple of his parents’ eye and friend of friends. He has been dealing with Pakistan Railways, National AIDS Control Program, CIIT, ECP, Ministry of Information and Higher Education Commission. Pre and post testing of campaigns are important in advertising, he believes. He sees bright future of e-papers in Pakistan. Perfect bachelor Shahzad would marry in 2013. He walks for 10 minutes to keep himself physically and mentally fit. He has plans to get foreign affiliation of Vibrant. 

Ali Bhai: As an art director, he has served Orient McCann Erickson, Adetude and The Concept Communications. NCA graduate Ali Bhai has designed campaigns for Mobilink, Preston University, AIOU, Centaurus, PTCL and FBR. Happy Ali is loved by peer group and juniors. He keeps cordial relations with actors like Ghulam Mohiuddin and Omar Sharif. He goes by the advertising manual and takes time to come up with distinctive design for every client. An ad should be informative and communicate single theme, Ali believes. In free time he enjoys Indian playback singing. He agrees to the short informative articles of Daily 10 Minutes. One of his favorite thoroughbred creative directors is Mian Imtiaz. 

Waseem Qureshi: He hails from Lahore. As an art director, he has served in Red Communication Arts, Midas International and The Concept Communication. Besides winning logo award of CDA, he has designed advertising campaigns for Ministry of Health, FBR, ECP, Zeenat Banaspati, Centaurus and ISE. His hoarding design of Lady Health Workers got visibility throughout the country. Very social Waseem enjoys good reputation among peers and colleagues. He has designed score of pages of Libas. He is good player of Badminton and Table Tennis. Married Waseem always ready to help junior designers. One of his close friends is Babar Zaman, another designer.

Amjad Shahzad: He hails from Gujrat and senior art director in MCOM. He has served in Manhattan Pakistan Limited, Midas and Orient McCann-Erickson as art director. He has designed print campaigns for National Savings, PTCL, BOI, Metro Motorcycle, Air University, Election Commission of Pakistan, PML-N and FBR. Married Shahzad is called Night Coach and Ad Baba for developing campaigns. Always busy for coining something new, he is expert in calligraphy, photography, painting and graphic designing. He treats lengthy copies elegantly. He regards Sohail Kisat as advertising guru. Shahzad likes VW Beetle and religiously chews Paan. Jolly Shahzad has trained score of designers. One of his favorites friends is Zahoor-ul-Islam. He lives in Islamabad.

Imran Qureshi: He was an English copywriter in Orient McCann Erickson and MCOM. IQ developed good campaigns for Mobilink, Capital Development Authority, Parliamentarian Enclave and Metro Motorcycles. He was a positive married man and a great fan of Martin Luther King, Jr. He was prolific, punctual and willing worker at the agencies. Imran Qureshi used to write short poems. Few of his close associates are Ammar Masud and Zaman Khan. Hailing from Lahore, he lives in living memory of Owais and Suleiman Khan.  

Usman Khan: He is an advertising professional and has served in Orient McCann Erickson and JWT in Islamabad. He used to manage Mobilink Jazz from the agency. Jolly Khan is expert in strategic media planning and client services. Graduate Usman has travelled to Egypt and United Kingdom. Business intelligence should be ethical, he believes. He sees bright future of digital media especially e-papers of Pakistan. Married Khan is liked by peers and colleagues. He finds Syed Maqsood Hashmi as his mentor. He daily walks for 30 minutes to remain fit. One of his favorite friends is Faisal Javed Rana, renowned RJ of Pakistan. Khan lives a happy life in Islamabad.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah: He is founder father of Pakistan and was born on 25 December 1876 in Karachi. Before joining All India Muslim League, he was member of Indian National Congress. By profession bar-at-law pleaded for separate homeland for Muslims of India and his 14 Political Points are very famous. He practiced law in Bombay. Besides authors like Z.A. Salehri and Alhaaj Mohammad Hussain Gohar, Stanley Volpert also wrote book on Jinnah. Movie Jinnah remained controversial thus there is need for another film. In 1930s, sophisticated Jinnah participated in Round Table Conferences in London. His teachings for students and women are still valid in Pakistan. English speaking Jinnah is also pioneer of English daily Dawn. Religious Jinnah was fond of Islamic numerology and cricket. With team of Muslim leaders like Liaqat Ali Khan and Sir Shafi Mohammad, he established Pakistan on 14 August 1947. First Constituent Assembly gave him the title of Quaid-e-Azam. He departed in 1948 and was buried in Karachi. Besides media and government, every year Pakistanis observe Birth Anniversary of Jinnah with zeal and zest.

Benazir Bhutto: Born in 1953, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was a democratic leader and former prime minister of Pakistan. She was a courageous leader who faced political deaths of her father and brother. Mohtarma was symbol of women empowerment and trained score of political leaders like Naheed Khan, Sherry Rehman and Farzana Raja. After consultation, B.B. married with Asif Ali Zardari. She kept good relations with developed countries like China, France and America. Mohtarma advocated for trade instead of aid and never advocated for plot and permit politics. Once she said that democracy is real retribution of tyranny. The Iron Lady wanted to do something substantial for the poor Pakistani people but was assassinated in Rawalpindi on 27 December 2007. Daily 10 Minutes has duly paid tribute to Benazir Bhutto in its op-ed, Hamlet and Bakistan. Discerning Pakistani males and females still love her. For the last five years, world is waiting for her political killers. 

Iram Shahzad: He is managing director of Linkers Communication. As director finance, he has served in Adgroup and MCOM in Islamabad. He is certified Cost and Management Accountant. Young Shahzad used to give suggestions to FBR, Ministry of Health and ECP on communication and advertising. Advertising is nucleus of an economy, he believes. Shahzad intends to bring change in advertising horizon of Islamabad and Pakistan. He sees bright future of digital media in the country and keeps cordial relations with media community. He has plans to obtain ISO-9000 certification coupled with foreign agency affiliation for Linkers Communication. Married Iram Shahzad lives in Islamabad.

Muhammad Atif Aleem: He is a writer and copywriter from Punjab. He has served in Adgroup and Thoughts advertising and produced campaigns on tree plantation, population and earthquake affectees. His book “Shamsan Gath” is an anthology of supernatural stories. He is well versed in Urdu and English literature. In free time he hums songs of Makesh Chandar. Ten years back, he wrote Punjabi tappay. His heart bleeds over dismal condition of Pakistan. He sees bright future of digital media in the country. He is ready to offer advice to young copywriters. One of his best friends is Ajmal Durrani. Married Atif sahib lives in Rawalpindi.

Zamman Khan: He is an English copywriter hailing from Peshawar. As an art director in Orient McCann Erickson in Islamabad, he developed campaigns for PTCL Calling Cards, Mobilink, ENERCON and NEPRA. At MCOM, he developed campaigns for Metro Motorbike, CDA and Parliamentarian Enclaves. He is well versed in global literature and intends creative insurgency in Pakistan. Very social Zamman is liked by his colleagues and peer group. He sees bright future of digital media industry especially e-papers in the country. One of his best friends is Owais Khan.

Samiullah Dawar:  Double masters degree holder Samiullah has written more than 200 articles on different topics especially on FATA. Besides writing Urdu book “Aghoshi Kohsar” for Lok Virsa on cultural advancement of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in 2005 he wrote an English book, “Exploring Melody” on interfaith for Peace Process Program. He has served as Director Events of Electronic Media Projects for ISPR. Samiullah Dawar is star alumni and organizer of peace process events in United States of America. He has written 153 tele plays telecast from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Beijing and Japan.

Javed Chaudhry: He is a columnist and TV anchor. His book of Urdu columns “Zero Point” made him famous in the country. He also served as creative director in Midas advertising. His romantic copy-writing is still remembered by staff in the agency. Charming Chaudhry intends to enhance living standard in the country. Like Rauf Klasra, he sees bright future of digital media in Pakistan. Javed Chaudhry has conducted score of interviews of politicians. He wants people to pay taxes on time for development and debt retirement. One of his favorite friends is Ghulam Akbar. 

Ismail Qureshi: He hails from Haripur and is an Urdu copywriter who is serving MCOM. In Midas, he used to translate manuals and tender notices of OGDCL, FBR and Ministry of Health besides copywriting. In MCOM, he has developed informative and comprehensive campaigns for governments of PPP, MMA and ANP. He regards Ghulam Akbar as creative guru of Pakistan. Ever willing to work Ismail takes keen interest in media dynamics and sees bright future of digital media in the country. Special award, he suggests, must be given to self accountable media of Pakistan. Potential of advertising needs to be tapped, he believes. He is votary of Pir Mehr Ali Shah. One of his favorite friends is Zahurul Islam. Married Ismail lives a happy life in Islamabad.

Shimaila Matri Dawood: She hails from Karachi and is editor in chief of Daily Millat. She is a graduate of London School of Economics. She has got international journalism awards. She is the first female Pakistani journalist to be awarded CNN Young Journalist Award in 2005. Back in 2008, Mrs. Shimaila founded Notebook, an investigative Urdu political magazine. Discerning Mrs. Shimaila finds Inquilab Matri and Mir Khalilur Rehman as role models for young journalists of Pakistan. Objective and development journalism is future. She recommends two party political system for sustainable economic development of provinces. Her heart bleeds over slow growth of economy and poor law and order situation in country.

Faraz Maqsood Hamidi: He hails from Karachi and creative director of The D’Hamidi Partnership. He is known for being advertiser of Jazz brand of Mobilink and Adamjee Insurance. Sober Faraz is good in corporate communication and brand creative strategies. He regularly writes creative column for Aurora. Finding out an edge to communicate is an art that comes with experience. A website can also be used as caption in an advert e.g. http://www.publikdemand.com/ Well versed Faraz keeps good relations with media and advertising fraternity. He recommends email banks, microsites and content marketing to established brands. One of his best friends is Adil K. Mirza. 

Roshni Baseer: She hails from Rawalpindi and executive director of Vini Vici Advertising in Islamabad. She is former Radio presenter and creative by nature. Roshni Bashir has developed awareness campaigns on women rights and honorary killing. She finds Naeem Ahmad, CEO Thoughts Advertising as ace advertising practitioner of country. Advertising and public relations are attractive career fields for females, she believes. She is developing case studies manual for internees of colleges and universities. She keeps professional relations with media and finds bright future of digital media in the country.

Syed Aly Rumi: He hails from Islamabad and is an account director in MCOM advertising. He managed advertising accounts of Emaar Pakistan, Air University, ENERCON, Ministry of Environment and Gunj Glass while serving in Orient McCann Erickson. Smart Aly finds Sohail Kisat as advertising guru. He takes interest in clients and acts as brand ambassador. Gunj Glass always appreciates his dedication, marketing and media negotiation skills. He keeps cordial and professional relations with creative department and media community respectively. Rumi sees bright future of digital media in Pakistan. Annual advertising potential of over Rs.150 billion needs to be tapped, he believes. One of his best friends is Moazzam Ali Khan.

Zafar Bakhtawari:  He hails from Rawalpindi and owner of D-Watson chain. He started his small optic shop at Murree Road in Rawalpindi. Currently he is president of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Zafar Bakhtawari enjoys personal relations with diplomatic community in Islamabad and country. He is one man foreign office, Akram Zaki commented one decade back. He has got awards from countries including Romania. He takes keen interest in industrial revival and going to hold first international Capital Chambers Conference in 2013. Soft spoken Zafar keeps cordial relations with media community as well. Digital media can provide job opportunities to youth of Pakistan, he believes. Business community trust in his dynamic vision. He sees bright future of Pakistani economy. People enjoy shopping at D-Watson in twin cities. Self made and married Zafar lives in Islamabad. 

Kristina Koehler: She has worked in Chinese legal and accounting industry since 2003 when she joined Klako Group as its China Director. Fluent in English, German, French and Mandarin, Kristina advises and represents Western clients with their business interests in China. She has worked on numerous complex transactions including foreign direct investment including corporate (re)structuring and company liquidations and frequently advises on and represents foreign clients in tax, accounting and trade related matters. Kristina is co-author of Klako Group's monthly magazine, ChinaInvest.biz – which provides insight into investment, tax and operational issues for foreign companies entering and expanding throughout China. Kristina has also contributed to numerous other publications relating to Chinese legal, accounting and business practices and in addition frequently holds seminars, presentations and webinars at business.

Dost Muhammad Khan: He hails from Swat and is contesting in elections from NA-29 as PPP candidate. He enjoys reputation in his constituency. He has been taking active part in social work and Benazir Income Support Program. Handsome Khan wants Swat as Switzerland and intends to establish Harvard University campus for students of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Married Khan likes tough screening criteria set by Election Commission of Pakistan. Dost Khan is hopeful to get female votes. Married Khan has two sons.